Go2Space-HUBs Hackathon in Coimbra

This Space Hackathon was organized by HUB Coimbra in partnership with Coimbra BEST Group – Board of European Students of Technology Local BEST Group Coimbra and University of Coimbra EBEC European BEST Engineering Competition, powered by ESA Space Solutions Portugal, on 7th and 8th March.

This Space Hackathon was involved in a 24-hour team event that has two different branches:

  1. Team Design (TD) – To use creativity and knowledge to design the coolest projects, based on given space technology and theme, teams will have to conceive a solution based on the use of the given space tech combined with any other available technology and then develop a business model for their innovation. In the end, teams will have to pitch their business idea.
  2. Case Study (CS) – Using a theoretical project where teams have to study the given case, analyze it and discover an outside-of-the-box solution that can be implemented in a real context, the objective is to build a prototype that meets certain requirements, according to the objective of the challenge and the materials available. In the end, teams will have to pitch about their prototypes.

100 engineering students participated organized in teams with 4 or 5 members, along with, more than 20 staff persons from the Coimbra BEST Group and 2 Innovation Managers from IPN.

These challenges were fully developed by the HUB Coimbra in connection with the Coimbra BEST Group. The main objective was to organize a competition in which each team would address a challenge and then create a PowerPoint presentation to support a 5 minutes pitch, which was followed by up to 5 minutes of question and answers from the jury. With the presentation, each team should be ready to provide a max three-page report, about the final proposal.

With this aim, HUB Coimbra also organized 2 sessions (2 hours each) of the same workshops “HOW TO MAKE A ROCKET PITCH!”, on March 6th, delivered by Carla Duarte, innovation manager and a certified trainer from IPN, to support the team in their preparation of the pitch session that would
occur after the hackathon.

The participants in these workshop were the team members that also participated in the hackathon: 55 engineering students from the University of Coimbra participated in these two sessions.

Go2Space-HUBS at the forum Transfiere 2020

Transfiere is the biggest professional and multi-sectoral Forum for knowledge and technology transfer that takes place in Spain, and that gathers the most relevant players in the national and international R&D&i ecosystem.

Transfiere is a unique place to promote innovation between research groups and companies while contributing to the competitiveness of the business sector. Being part of Transfiere allows to build a diverse network of contacts, synergies and knowledge sharing practices, connecting the different actors and strategic sectors of the economy.

In this context, our partner UC3M will present Go2Space-HUBs project.

The Go2Space-HUBs project in a nutshell

Generating new sOlutions 2 and from Space through effective local start-up HUBs.

Go2Space-HUBs is a European Project to secure the creation and up-scaling of European businesses, offering technology and services in and from the space sector, ensuring value creation and innovation through cross-fertilisation, training, and locally owned through the creation of three  Space Hubs in Coimbra (Portugal), Madrid (Spain) and Tallinn (Estonia), strengthening local entrepreneurship, business ecosystems and networks.

The consortium includes six partners from five different European countries (Belgium, Estonia, Poland, Portugal and Spain) that represent key players in the local and regional start-up ecosystem: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Madrid Aerospace Cluster, Technology Partners, Europe Unlimited, Tehnopol and Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN).

The project includes a range of new local initiatives for entrepreneurs, start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs, building bridges to EU activities, and designed to secure the creation of new start-ups & to help start-ups and scale-ups grow: incubation & acceleration programs, demos days, innovation days, B2B events, hackathons…

The project is financed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870370. It has a duration of two years, and an overall budget of 1.1M €.

Go2Space-HUBS Kick-off meeting

On December 17 and 18 the consortium attended the kick-off meeting of the Go2Space-HUBS (Generating new sOlutions 2 and from Space through effective local start-up HUBs) project.

Go2Space-HUBS is a Horizon 2020 project whose objective is to guarantee the creation and growth of European companies, offering technology and services within and from the space sector, ensuring value creation and innovation through cross-fertilization, through the creation of three new Space Centers (HUBS) in Coimbra (Portugal), Madrid (Spain) and Tallinn (Estonia), strengthening local entrepreneurship and business ecosystems and networks.

The consortium partners represent key actors in the ecosystem with extensive experience in providing support to new companies (entrepreneurs, start-ups, spin-offs) and will be supported by entities that are experts in investor preparation and access to financial services and technology transfer.

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Go2Space-HUBs has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870370.

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Go2Space-HUBs in an initiative within the framework of CASSINI programme.