Frequently Asked Questions

Go2Spaces-Hubs is a European Project with the objective to secure the creation and up-scaling of European businesses, offering technology and services in and from the space sector. This will be achieved through the creation of 3 new Space hubs in Coimbra, Madrid and Tallinn.

Go2Space-HUBs will work with 4 defined thematic areas:
– ‘Space-related projects for a digitalized Europe’ (e.g. Big Data, IoT, Smart Cities; Smart transport)
– ‘Space-related projects and applications to solve the Sustainable Development Goals’ (e.g. low carbon future, social impact)
– ‘Space-related projects in Defence & Security’ (e.g. Cyber, Military, Big Data, Fintech)
– ‘Spacetech Excellence’ (Space Upstream & Downstream Sector)

The Acceleration Program aimed at more established start-ups and/or scale-ups to help improve market-fit of their products and/or services and facilitate growth (e.g. increase market share or identifying possible new target markets through spinning-in/-out).

The Incubation Program aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs and/or early stage start-ups to support prototyping and product development, build scalable business model, improve product-market fit with first traction, launch the product through effective marketing and sales, develop investor readiness during 1 year.

The Acceleration Program is targeted at start-ups and scale-ups in the space sector, i.e., is understood like a small business that have just started or that is in the growth phase, whit the objective to grow their business: capture new opportunities, entering into new markets, improving product-market fit, achieving customer growth, securing necessary funding for growth…

The Incubation Program is targeted at aspiring entrepreneurs facilitating the creation of new start-ups and/or early stage emerging start-ups in the space sector.

If you have a start-up or a scale-up the Acceleration Program offers you an intensive training (3 months) and individualized coaching in: market readiness; investment readiness; reinforcing your technology base; reviewing operations managements… You will have access to networking activities with experts and events on the space sector where the startups/scalups can present their projects to potential investors and other possible collaboration partners.

The Incubation Program offers you an intensive training during 1 year and individualized coaching in: prototyping, product development, business model, financing, product-market fit, sales and marketing, investment readiness.

Each team is assigned a key coach, product development and marketing mentor if needed.

You will have access to networking activities with experts and events on the space sector where the teams can present their projects to potential investors and other possible collaboration partners.

Best teams will receive external specialized services worth of 4000€ in each program and the possibility to take part to the Investment & Partnering European Event.

In order to validate the start-ups, the following criteria will be considered:
– Business maturity
– Team
– Feasibility and scalability
– Market
– Competitive advantage
– Window of opportunity

In order to validate the entrepreneurs/start-ups, the following criteria will be considered:

– Dedicated team in place (minimum of 2 persons)
– Relevant positions covered based on the business idea
– Technological and scalable business idea to work on
– Development phase from idea to prototype
– Product-market fit
– Potential, competitive advantage
– Looking for partnership or investment

You only need to submit one application. Within your application you can choose the choice program.

You can apply for the call through the following link:

This common call has different cut-off dates for each HUB.

Acceleration Program:
In the HUB Madrid:
– July 15, 2020
– August 20, 2020
– September 10, 2020

Incubation Program:

In the HUB Coimbra:
– June 19, 2020
– October 16, 2020
In the HUB Tallinn:
– August 9, 2020

After that dates, no applications will be accepted.

You can apply to any program. This is a European project and we have contact in the differents country. This could be a new opportunity to growth and contact with other companies.

However the project does not foresee covering any travel or accommodation expenses of the participating teams.

Of course, YES. You can apply one of the incubation programs.