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Spain (and Madrid) is an established European Space actor, and one of the main investors and technological powers in the space sector in Europe (ranging 5th after France, Germany and Italy). Spain’s position in the European Space sector is the result of a collective effort by Spanish authorities and businesses during 40 years, and Spanish space actors are present in all space domains.

The HUB already has long track-record in supporting space-based start-ups:

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) has been an Incubator Centre of ESA BIC Madrid Region since 2015 (1 of 5 centres in Spain). The ESA BIC node of UC3M has incubated 13 start-ups (46,4% of total number of incubates in Madrid Region 4 centres).

The Accelerator Program

The Accelerator Program aimed at more established start-ups and/or scale-ups to help improve market-fit of their products and/or services and facilitate growth (e.g. increase market share or identifying possible new target markets through spinning-in/-out).


  • Hackathons

    aimed at entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs to facilitate the creation of new applications and/or possible spinning-in/-out of existing applications and technology

  • Innovation Days

    to bring together entrepreneurial students and local businesses with the objective of fostering entrepreneurship opportunities, stimulating collaboration, and encouraging participation of entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses in the initiatives of the Go2Space HUBs

  • ‘Up-scaling engine’

    which encompasses a range of activities for local scale-ups and SMEs to help facilitate increased commercialisation and growth. This initiative is an important complement to the Accelerator Program, as the Accelerator is only open to a selected group of start-ups/scale-ups that follow a strict eligibility criterion; The “Up-scaling engine” on the other hand encompasses a range of ad-hoc events and activities at the local Hubs with low barriers for participation.


Go2Space-HUBs has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870370.

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