Generating new sOlutions 2 and from Space through effective local start-up HUBs

The objective of the EU-funded Go2Space-HUBs project is to secure the creation and up-scaling of European businesses, offering technology and services in and from the space sector, ensuring value creation and innovation through cross-fertilisation, training, and locally owned and driven networks and initiatives that connect effectively with existing EU initiatives.

This will be achieved through the creation of 3 new Space hubs in Coimbra, Madrid and Tallinn strengthening local entrepreneurship/ business ecosystems & networks. The HUBs have extensive experience in providing support to start-ups and will be supported by entities that are experts on investor readiness & access to finance services, technology transfer, in addition to an aerospace cluster representing SMEs from all the relevant space-segments.

The 6 consortia partners represent key players in the local and regional start-up ecosystem.

The project includes a range of new local initiatives for entrepreneurs, start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs, building bridges to EU activities, and designed to secure the creation of new start-ups & to help start-ups and scale-ups grow.

  • Incubation of 20 entrepreneurs/early stage start-ups
  • Acceleration of 20 established start-ups/scale-up
  • Demo-Days to present their solutions to Investors and partners
  • Innovations Days
  • B2B events to facilitate spinning-in/-out
  • Organization of 3 Hackathons
  • Joint-applications to the Copernicus incubator
  • An “Up-scaling engine” to help a range of local scale-ups and SMEs secure more efficient growth, introduction to existing space recourses
  • Identifications of barriers to investments in space
  • Targeted training on access to private and public finance & Final Investment & Partnering event with participants from all the 3 HUBs.